2024 NMJAS Regional Papers and Winners

Central Region

Junior Division

1st Place: David Brooke, AIMS, Developing a Desalination Solar Still Utilizing Mechanisms to Increase Effective Surface Area

2nd Place: Oscar Groves, Jefferson Middle School, Health Professionals Recommend Chicken NOT be Washed Before Cooking

Senior Disivion

1st Place: Gene Huntley, V. Sue Cleveland HS, A Realtime Camera Fusion with a Novel Feature-Matching and Star Identification-Based Calibration for Tracking Wildfires

2nd Place: George Privett, Rio Rancho HS, The Beetles: Examining the Effect of Isolated Supplementation in Lasiodermas Serricome to Optimize Nutrient and Biomass Transfer Via Consumption

3rd Place: Kyuryeon Kim, La Cueva HS, Learning Drug Representation Using Drug-Drug Similarity for the Large-Scale Prediction of Drug-Drug Interactions

Four Corners Region

Junior Division

1st Place: Emma Munson, Los Alamitos Middle School, Hot Garbage, Recycling Materials in Adobe Construction

2nd Place: Isabella Halley, New Mexico Connections Academy, Magic Bacteria: Exploring Bacterial Transformation and Antibiotics

3rd Place: Lucas Rychener, St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School of Grants, How Does Caffeine Affect the Regeneration of Planarians?

Senior Division

1st Place: Brandi Basset, Grants HS, Glowing, Glowing: an Investigation in Forensic Science, 12th Grade

2nd Place: Noah Lundstrom, Grants HS, Establishing a Reliable Protocol for Bacteriophage Titer

3rd Place: Faith Valdez, Grants HS, ASL Trainer

Northeast Region

Junior Division

Linus Plohr, Los Alamos Middle School, DuoNumero: Multilingualism in Math

Senior Division

Tate Plohr, Los Alamos HS, Magnetic Reconnection

San Juan Region

Junior Division

Cage Garrett, Hermosa Middle School, Mud as Energy

Senior Division

1st Place: Jordyn Begay, Navajo Preparatory School, Novel Simultaneous Spectrophotometry Applied to Three-Tablet Formulation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV-1) Medication Containing Emtricitabine (EMT), Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF), and Rilpivirine Hydrochloride (RPV)

2nd Place: Marcus Nahalea, Navajo Preparatory School, Analysis of Commercial Aspirin and Comparison with Lab Grade Aspirin

3rd Place: Haylei Redhouse, Navajo Preparatory School, Investigating Concentrates of Uranium and other Hazardous Metals/Metalloids in the Surrounding Environments of Uranium Contaminated Waters on the Navajo Nation