Scientist Awards

Since 1962, the Academy has intermittently presented awards to distinguished New Mexicans for their outstanding contributions to science or science education. The award is given across all science disciplines for works supporting the purposes of the Academy. These purposes include the following: to promote science and science education within the State of New Mexico

  • to improve communication among scientists, science educators, the New Mexico general public, and governmental representatives
  • to recognize excellence in scientists, science educators, and science students
  • to encourage scientific research
  • to increase public awareness of the role of science in human progress and human welfare

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Outstanding Scientist Award Winners

2020 Angela Wandinger-Ness, UNMHSC (bio)
2013 George Fischbeck, PBS-KNME and KOB-TV, Science Education (bio)
2002 Jesse Bingaman, Western New Mexico University, Science Education
1984 David C.H. Hsi, New Mexico State University, Agriculture
1982 Robert Golden, New Mexico State University, Engineering
1981 Kaiser Kunz, New Mexico State University, Physics
1980 Charles E. Holley, Jr., Los Alamos National Laboratory, Energy
1978 Marx Brook, New Mexico Tech, Physics
1977 Arthur H. Guenther, Air Force Lab., Physics
1976 Cecil E. Land, Sandia National Laboratories, Engineering
1976 George A. Cowan, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Chemistry
1974 Morton C. Smith, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Engineering
1973 Howard J. Dittmer, University of New Mexico, Biology
1972 Joseph A. Schufle, New Mexico Highlands University, Chemistry
1970 John W. Evans, Air Force Observatory, Astronomy
1969 Clinton P. Anderson, U.S. Senate, Public Service
1968 Clyde W. Tombaugh, New Mexico State University, Astronomy
1967 Richard S. Claasen, Sandia Corp., Physics
1966 Jesse L. Riebsomer, University of New Mexico, Chemistry
1965 Lora M. Shields, New Mexico Highlands University, Biology
1964 Norris Bradbury, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Administration
1963 W.R. Lovelace II, Lovelace Clinic, Medicine
1962 E.J. Workman, New Mexico Tech, Physics