Sample manuscript judging form

Password is judge

Scoring rubric

The total will reflect the weighted average for the categories.

Mechanics & Effort - 20%

  • Manuscript contains required sections with proper formatting and grammar
  • Demonstrates actual work done by student
  • Each section contains relevant and sufficient information
  • Acknowledges previous work, background research, assistance
  • Shows deep understanding of problem and principles
Mechanics & effort scoring

Clarity - 30%%

  • Student work is clearly and logically presented
  • Data is appropriately treated and displayed
  • Graphics are appropriate and support the narrative
Clarity scoring

Analytical approach - 20%

  • Experimental/design approach addresses the stated problem
  • Collected data supports the conclusions
  • Appropriate attention to safety
Analytical approach scoring

Thoroughness - 20%

  • Enough detail that the study could be replicated
  • Multiple data sets or iterations
  • Computer/engineering project – model thoroughly tested
Thoroughness scoring

Creativity & innovation - 10%

  • Use of novel methods or materials
  • Novel treatment of outside data or use of algorithms
Creativity scoring