Lynn Brandvold Awarded NMAS Emeritus Status

Lynn Brandvold with Malva Knoll at the 2023 annual NMAS meeting.

Lynn Brandvold has been elected by the NMAS Board to be a Director Emeritus. This is a non-voting position and she shall serve for life, or until such time as she resigns. A Director Emeritus must have served as a regular voting Director and/or in the position of an officer who has, through his/her service to the Academy, demonstrated considerable contributions.

Lynn Brandvold has been the state Director of the Junior Academy of Science (JAS) since 1999, and will retire at the end of 2023. She leaves behind a legacy of promoting young student scientists for over 30 years. As Director, she solicited professional judges, distributed student research manuscripts to those judges, organized Power Point presentations for student competitors, awarded prizes, and solicited grant funding. Over the decades, student awards were funded by Kennicott Copper, Intel Corporation, and Sandia National Laboratories. With her support, the six regional directors scattered geographically across New Mexico reached students grades 6-12 in public, private and charter schools across the state.

The Director Emeritus may be tasked by the Board with duties and actions befitting the circumstances and may represent the Academy in an official capacity, as appropriate, and as determined by the Board.