Are you a Super Hero?

The New Mexico Academy of Science needs two volunteers to supervise and administer our annual student competition of written and oral presentations about their science research. The Regional Director would run the competition in the Central (Albuquerque) region and the Junior Academy Director would be the overall Director for the competition in all 6 regions and would run the state competition. The competitions are held in conjunction with but are separate from regional science fairs.

If you are a professional interested in working with science students in grades 6-12, this is the perfect opportunity to give back to the science education community by working with and supporting students as they write a scientific research paper and do oral presentations to interested judges.

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Job postings – volunteer directors

For New Mexico Junior Academy of Science Junior Academy grades 6-12 student paper competition

Position 1: Regional director, Central Region Competition (Albuquerque area)
Position 2: State director, State Competition, at NM Science Fair in Socorro

Program description
The New Mexico Junior Academy of Science (NMJAS) promotes student research through participation in an annual written and oral technical paper competition. Science Fair focuses on the background and tools necessary to do scientific research. The NMJAS paper competition focuses on aiding and encouraging young scientists in the written and oral communication of the results of their research.

The annual competitions are held in conjunction with the Regional and State Science and Engineering Fairs. They are open to middle and high school students whether public, private, or home schooled, from across the state of New Mexico. The Junior Academy of Science has been supported by a local grant from Sandia National Laboratories and NMAS funds. Competition rules follow national guidelines and directors are supported by the New Mexico Academy of Science Board of Directors.

The time frame is within January-April. More information about NMJAS can be found on the NMJAS page.

General responsibilities
1. Advertise competitions, distribute contest rules, and solicit competitors
2. Solicit judges, oversee judging criteria
3. Provide computer and projector for presentations, set time, place, date, of competitions in conjunction with Science Fair Competitions
4. Distribute prize money; distribute biographies of winners for publication
5. Account for money provided by NMAS board and grants for student competitions
6. Act as liaison on the NMAS Board of Directors, report at quarterly meeting, submit an annual grant proposal as needed

How to apply
Submit inquires and forward short letter of interest in e-mail to:
NMJAS Program Director (2017) Mrs. Lynn Brandvold
Work Phone: 575-835-5517 Home Phone: 575-835-1322 Cell Phone: 505-720-3040

Qualifications and key competencies 
The major qualification is an expressed interest in promoting STEM education and sharing professional expertise to encourage involvement of students in STEM through the presentations of their student research.

The program requires advance planning and coordination with Science Fair and school personnel as well as the student competitors. Regional directors account for funds provided by NMAS. The State Director must present budget requests and grant reports. The State Director serves on the Board of Directors for the NMAS.