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How judging works for NMJAS

Students do a research or engineering project, generally for the science fair. They write and submit a written manuscript for the NMJAS competition (this is not required for science fairs). Manuscripts are scored at the regional level – there are 6 regions and junior/senior divisions – and then students do a session of oral presentations. A maximum of 12 students advance to the state level. At both the regional level and state level, students’ communication skills are judged based on their manuscripts and oral presentations.

Manuscripts will be sent to judges by a regional director. Depending on the number of students who have registered, and the judge’s preferences, a judge may or may not evaluate all manuscripts in that region. However, all judges do evaluate each oral presentation in their region/division.

There are manuscript and oral presentation scoring rubrics. Manuscripts can be evaluated any time up to the oral competition. Oral presentations are scored during the actual presentation and then a caucus is held to determine place winners.

In total, a judge’s commitment is about 10 hours, depending on the region/division. The reward is infinite. Students look up to judges as exemplars and mentors. 

Please volunteer to judge!

Details of the competition and dates can be found on the Regional Information page. Some competitions are virtual and some may be in person, at the discretion of the regional director. Please email Lynn Brandvold, State Director, to find out more or volunteer to judge.